OPN-01 48x70, Mixed technique

Reminiscences of the exhibition in Paris (2005)

“Flaking walls, the beauty of degraded city spots. Poetry. ” Luna Benemugi “She puts traces of herself in her works with bravado.” Martin Malkonian, poeta “Beautiful works. Bring dreams to mind.” J. Dantem A cosmopolitan artist, Eva Bekier was trained at the Waldemar Dinermann Academy of Drawing and Painting (actually Prof. of Academy of Fine


A demanding art

The focus of Eva Bekier’s paintings is colour. Even if the viewer can discern traces of realistic shapes, they are not important. The important element is colour. It creates the unique atmosphere of these works: at times nostalgic like a reverie caught on canvas, at other times full of expression, a record of violent emotion.

OPN-07 52x69, Mixed Technique

The artistic terrain of Eva Bekier

Eva Bekier was trained at the Academy of Drawing and Painting by a professor from the Academy of Fine Arts in Milwaukee, Waldemar Dinermann, and later studied at Jaime Sánchez’s Academy of Drawing and Painting in Madrid. She has exhibited her work in numerous galleries in Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid and Paris. Eva Bakier’s artistic